The Most Common Problems That Can Easily Be Resolved with Copier Repair in Atlanta, GA

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No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid the inevitability of your office equipment breaking down. Some issues are minor and you can handle them on your own, but others require a more knowledgeable approach. This is where copier repair in Atlanta, GA comes in, ready to help you with the many common copy machine problems that are bound to occur. Here are some of those common issues you might encounter:

  • Paper jams/wrinkled pages: Paper jams are one of the most common issues that can occur, sometimes daily, with copy machines. There are a number different things that can lead to a paper jam, including overfilling the paper tray, loading the paper into the tray incorrectly or using the wrong sized paper. Whatever the determining factor, jammed copiers lead to wrinkled and unusable pages, and backed up printer queues that could put you in a crunch when you need your documents and are already running late to an important meeting.
  • Ink cartridge and toner malfunction: Ink cartridges, no matter how good they might be, will eventually run out. When they start to get low, you will notice that the document you are trying to copy comes out so light that it is hardly legible. There may even be nothing printed on it altogether. If you replace the cartridge with one that might fit but is not specifically for that copy machine, you could eventually run into larger issues. Other times you might have a toner cartridge that malfunctions due to overuse, which could also affect the quality of your printout.
  • Overheating: There are a lot of different moving parts that work together inside each copy machine. Just as laptops, computer screens or televisions get warm and have the potential to overheat, so too do copy machines, especially if exposed to heavy volume. If this goes undetected, a small fire could break out.
  • Unrecognizable codes: If your copy machine has a small LED screen, codes will be displayed that instruct you on how to fix minor issues. There will be some codes that seem straightforward, but are actually more complex. How many times have you seen “paper jam” or “add paper to tray” displayed on the LED screen? You pull out all of the paper that was jammed and make sure there aren’t any fragments of paper blocking the sensors, but the display still doesn’t change. Or perhaps the copy machine will continue to tell you to load paper into a specific tray when there is very visibly more than enough paper in all of the trays to handle the job. As easy as the code may seem on the surface, there might be other things going on inside the machine that are keeping you from getting things up and running again. This is to say nothing of the other numerical codes that you just are not able to understand or fix at all.

When these issues become too much for you to handle and you have to seek copier repair in Atlanta, GA, call the experienced staff at Click Copiers – Atlanta. We are available to service all of your copy machines and printers, or to consult with you on the purchase of a new or used unit if you have machines that need to be replaced. Get in touch today to learn more!

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