Four Things You Can do Before Calling for Copier Repair in Atlanta, GA

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If you work in an office, chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of copier problems. Whether you’re minutes away from a presentation or need to get that big project on the director’s desk by noon, it seems that the copier always stops working right when you need it the most.

If your copier is out of order, you may be tempted to immediately call out for a repair. However, having a technician come in to repair the copier is not only an annoyance and time consuming, it can also turn out to be very expensive. So before you make the call for copier repair in Atlanta, GA, here are four things you can try first:

Check the user manual

Manufacturers usually come across common problems when testing the copier before they put it out on the market, so they usually explain these problems and ways to fix them in the user manual. Check your manual for things like error codes and technical troubleshooting. See if any of the common problems mentioned in the manual match the issue you are having. When you take the time to check the manual, you may find that fixing the problem with your copier may be as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Check the feeds

The most common problems that occur with copiers have to do with blocked feeds and other obstructions. Paper jams, toner buildups, and other such problems can be frequent occurrences with copiers. The good news is that problems like this are usually the easiest to fix. Make sure you check all the feeds, both going in and coming out, to make sure that there are no visible obstructions. If you find an obstruction, remove it and see if the copier will now work properly.

Power off / reset

Although it may seem too easy, sometimes a simple power down or restart can fix a copier problem. Copiers can sometimes be temperamental. Shutting down the copier allows it to reset itself and possibly bypass whatever was causing the issue before.

Check the Internet

Although we make this suggestion with caution, the Internet can be a great resource for fixing a problem with the copier. Type the problem you are having into the search engine and see what comes up. If the problem and solution you find seem fairly simple, you can try following the instructions and fixing the problem yourself. If it’s more complex, however, don’t try to be too ambitious. For more serious problems, it could be time to call for professional copier repair in Atlanta, GA instead of risking further possible damage.

If problems with your copier have you ready to call for a professional, hold off a moment and check if the problem you’re having can be fixed by trying one of the four simple steps above. You could end up saving yourself a lot of frustration, money, and time.

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