Four Advantages of Commercial Copier Leases in Atlanta, GA

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Businesses both big and small should take the opportunity to save cash whenever possible, especially in the area of technology. For example, commercial grade copiers can cost well into the thousands of dollars for high quality machines. That’s not to mention the additional costs you’ll put toward supplies and maintenance fees. Ask yourself this: Does your business have the available funds to buy, or should you lease instead of purchasing one? This may be a good time to check your business finances.

With that in mind, here are four advantages of commercial copier leases in Atlanta, GA.

Saves money up front

If the initial upfront cost of a commercial copy machine for your small business makes your stomach lurch a little, then leasing a copier might be the way to go. When you consider all the ins and outs of owning, a heavy-duty copy machine is similar to owning a house, car or large appliance. That is, buying a copier will require a monetary investment right away followed by regular maintenance and the cost of weekly supplies. Can you absorb the initial cost as well as continuing costs?

With leasing, you’ll own it eventually and you are sometimes free to change your lease at any time. Another attractive benefit is that your business line of credit won’t take a big hit in one major purchase. Leasing lets you have the copier you need to conduct business, while not depleting your available credit—money you can use for other business needs.

Easy on your budget

Many business owners cringe at budget time. But when you lease a large piece of office equipment, like a copier, you can rest assured that the smaller monthly payments won’t break the bank. You will set up a payment schedule, and even have a hand in the lease agreement, to ensure you’re able to keep track of your finances as a whole. Because the copier leasing company wants you to be able to afford the good quality office equipment you deserve, they will work with you to create or choose a leasing option that best fits your budget.

Tax benefits

Ah, taxes. At tax time, you may hand all your business’ financial records over to your small business accountant to handle. But even though you may not have direct involvement, it’s important that you know the tax advantages of leasing a commercial copier over buying. When you own the machine, you are only allowed to deduct its depreciation, which drops year after year. If you lease, however, your lease payments are considered a pretax business expense. All your payments for the tax year are deductible.

Be up to date on technology

As expected, just like other technological devices, copy machines will without a doubt depreciate in value over time, and the constant wear and tear it sees everyday can make an owned machine difficult to sell. Also, newer and better technology is always coming out. Luckily for businesses leasing their copiers, most leasing agreements will let you upgrade as technology advances.

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