Should You Go with Copier Rentals or Copier Leases in Atlanta, GA?

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Copiers are a necessary part of any business office. They keep you functioning, and help you to disseminate information and keep good records. Whether you are expanding your office or starting a new business, a copier is an essential tool that you will need to operate daily. Deciding on whether you should go with copier rentals or copier leases in Atlanta, GA depends on the type of business you are operating and what your long-term goals are for the organization.

Copier leasing

You may want to consider copier leases in Atlanta, GA if your business is expected to grow and your copying needs may change as you progress. The copier that you lease now may not be the copier you need in a few months, and a lease offers you the flexibility to change machines and lease options as your business grows.

Copier leases in Atlanta, GA are also a good way to test out a copier to see if it meets the needs that your business has for the near term. Repair and service are most often included in these leases and will ensure you have the maintenance you need on your copier at all times. This can help you stay operational without having to worry about additional unforeseen costs when your equipment breaks down, and will make sure you always have assistance when you need it.

Copier rental

With copier rental, you aren’t committed to a piece of equipment for any predetermined amount of time. A rental arrangement offers you the flexibility to use a copier when you need it and return it when your needs change. This is a good option for a business that is only very busy during seasonal periods. For example, for tax services firms, the need for a copier (or two, or three) is likely to be at its highest during tax season, whereas the need is comparatively much lower during the rest of the year.

Through a copier rental, you can stop payment on your equipment and return it when you don’t need it. This is great for a temporary business, or when you are trying to decide if buying a copier is right for you. It can also be ideal for when you are in between copiers and still have copying requirements. You can rent a copier to bridge that gap between machines during long repair or until you have the budget to procure a new copier for your business. You may also want to consider a copier rental for an event that requires significant numbers of copies at various times during the preparation period. You may end up saving money on your event budget by renting your own copier as opposed to having the copying done by a print shop.

Deciding whether your business would be best suited for copier rentals or copier leases in Atlanta, GA depends on your current copier needs and the longer-term goals for your business. Contact Click Copiers – Atlanta to rent, lease or buy a copier for your office or facility. We offer transparent costs and no hidden fees, making us a copier and printing company you can trust. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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