Escape High Toner Costs with Printer and Copier Leases in Atlanta, GA

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When looking over your company’s expenditures, you might notice that a large portion of your money is going to toner refills. The questions you might ask yourself are, “Why is toner so expensive? And is there any way that my business can get around this cost?” Seeking printer or copier leases in Atlanta, GA with the right company might be the answer.

The art of business

In order for a sales-based business to remain successful, it must continually find ways to make up for losses that one particular area of the company’s operations might be struggling with. With many companies now utilizing cloud-based technology in the workplace, there has been a reduction in the overall print volume, and printer manufacturers have had to seek out ways to make up for this sagging production. Some of these manufacturers have responded by raising the price of toner, making the customers responsible for their loss in profits. In the past five years alone, some companies have marked up their toner prices by more than 15 percent!

Supply and demand

Another frequently used maneuver by manufacturers to keep toner prices high is modifying printers and copy machines so that only the products they make can be used with their machines. In some cases, using non-manufacturer components could even cause a machine to malfunction, which will end up leaving you far worse off than just needing a toner refill. By making sure their machines can only function when using their products, manufacturers are able to directly control the supply, and subsequently the flow of the demand. Left without any other suitable options, customers are forced to pay whatever the companies decide to charge, leaving manufacturers free to set any price points they want.

Be more resourceful

Another reason your business might be spending so much money on toner could be the result of your company’s usage, and it is a good idea to closely monitor your copying and printing habits to see if there is anything in your daily processes that can be adjusted. Are you using color on pages that could be black and white? Are you able to reduce the output resolution on your images and use less ink? Does your printer have a toner save function that you could use more often? If you notice inefficiency in your printing and copying processes, making these types of small changes can help reduce the amount of money your company spends on toner on an annual basis.

After answering these questions, the next thing you should check is if your machines are large enough to efficiently handle your company’s demands. If your printer or copy machine is too small for the job, you will find yourself spending a fortune on toner trying to keep up with the output.

If you are looking to rent, lease or buy a copy machine or printer, Click Copiers – Atlanta is ready to be your one-stop solution. As a part of your agreement, your company will enjoy free toner, which could save you anywhere from $20 to well over $100 per refill. Depending on which package you choose, your printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA could also include routine servicing and repairs. Make sure you give us a call to start taking advantage of all we have to offer!

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