Four Things You Should Look for Before Starting Copier Leases in Atlanta, GA

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Leasing a copier or printer for your business is a great way to avoid upfront costs and still get the equipment that you need. As with any lease, terms might vary greatly depending on the company from which you lease. Since you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible, it’s important to carefully consider the details of any lease agreement. By looking out for a few key lease features, you can save yourself extra expenses and complicated lease terms. Here are four things to look out for in printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA.

Find a lease that includes more than just the copier

When you lease a copier or printer for your business, your first priority is ensuring that you are getting the most value for your money. Although an equipment lease may seem affordable on paper, costs for toner and parts can add up quickly, and that great lease deal might soon become an expensive burden. Finding a lease that includes everything you need to use the equipment that you purchased will cut down on your costs.

Avoid any surprise costs and charges

Leases are notorious for having hidden terms and charges that can leave you stuck in a complicated agreement that doesn’t serve your business needs. Avoid the headache by finding printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA that clearly communicate all charges and expenses upfront. Some companies increase their lease rate by upwards of 10 percent annually, or charge fees for shipping parts or toner. Make sure that you fully understand the terms of your lease, and that you won’t be bombarded by outrageous charges or frivolous fees.

Leases shouldn’t complicate your bookkeeping or tax filing

Printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA are a business expense, so it only makes sense that you should be able to write the cost off as such when you file your taxes. Unfortunately, some equipment leases can complicate your tax procedures significantly by adding things like equipment depreciation into the mix. Additionally, some leases might bill you unpredictably and hit you with hidden finance charges. In order to keep your bookkeeping as straightforward as possible, any lease you agree to should be 100 percent tax deductible and should only bill once monthly for equipment, parts and toner.

Look for a lease that includes any repairs to the equipment

As a business owner, the last thing you need is office equipment that doesn’t function properly. Although you can never predict when your printer or copier will need maintenance, you can curb the inconvenience on you and your business by finding printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA that include any maintenance or repairs. Some leases will even include maintenance in the lease at no extra charge. Even companies that offer free maintenance might have lengthy waiting times, so always find out how long repairs will take before agreeing to a lease.

Lease office equipment with Click Copiers – Atlanta for the best value

At Click Copiers – Atlanta, we offer flexible lease agreements for our customers. Our leases include parts and repairs, simple and straightforward billing, and don’t come with any surprise costs or fees. Give us a call and find out how our printer and copier leases in Atlanta, GA can benefit your business.

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