Five Ways Copier and Printer Rentals in Atlanta, GA Can Save You Money

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It is simply the truth—without printers and copiers, your office will not function. However, it is well known that with the technological advancements available, these are not cheap items. If you buy them outright, it will result in hardship, especially if your business is new. That’s how copier and printer rentals in Atlanta, GA can help. You can secure the equipment you need without spending a lot of money. Here are five ways leasing equipment will save you money:

  • Repair costs: Most leases come with a repair contract. If your printer or copier acts up, you call us for a repair and never worry about the bill. You know that it will be working soon, even if you are facing a short-term cash flow problem at the moment. This also works well for you if the equipment you lease has chronic problems. Frequent or extensive repairs can add up quickly, and if that is included in one predictable monthly payment, you can rest assured that machine failure will not set your business behind.
  • Lower entry costs: Most leases start without a down payment. You choose your equipment, we deliver it and you can start using it before making a payment to us. The most you ever pay to start leasing is the amount of the first payment. That is always much less than a purchase price or a down payment.
  • Free upgrades: One reason many offices choose to lease instead of purchase is that they wish to enjoy the latest technology. When you purchase a copier, you likely want to get as much time as possible out of it, even if it becomes out of date. Since software updates only last a certain amount of time and the technology improves each year, leasing keeps you ahead of this curve. If you purchase equipment and wish to upgrade a few years later, you lose money, since older equipment does not always have a resale value. Sometimes, you can upgrade your equipment with little change in your current payment.
  • Tax deductible: Lease payments remain tax deductible even if the equipment remains in your office for over a year. You can write off purchase prices and even reduce your tax burden through depreciation, but that never measures up to lease payments. Since you likely want to enjoy current technology and avoid large repair bills anyway, you may as well choose a lease option and maximize your tax deductions, too.
  • Flexible: It is easier to find the best printer or copier possible within a budget when you lease. Leases may be based on use or are available for a flat monthly payment that includes service visits. Since previous years’ models may also be available for lease, it is possible to enjoy most of the features you need but still stay within your means. This balances budgetary concerns with quality much better than if you make a purchase.

Click Copiers – Atlanta is available for you if you require copier and printer rentals in Atlanta, GA. Call us today to find the best equipment for your office!

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