Seven Tips to Make Your Toner Last Longer

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Does it seem like you are constantly changing the toner in your printer rental in Atlanta, GA? You may be using more ink than is necessary, costing you significantly in the toner department. You can scale back your toner usage by keeping these tips in mind each and every time you print:

  • Use smaller fonts: Adjusting your font size to a smaller scale can allow you to use less ink when you print. Just going down a few sizes will make a measurable impact in how much toner is necessary to print a page. Just make sure it is legible, so you don’t have to print the page again to read it.
  • Avoid bolding: Bold fonts can suck a lot of ink to get their impact. If bolding isn’t absolutely necessary, remove it to keep your toner usage to a minimum. Your printer rental in Atlanta, GA will appreciate the break from having to work so hard, and you’ll save on expensive cartridges each month.
  • Proofread first: Before you print anything, take a moment to read through the page and look for errors. Nothing can waste ink more than printing a page over because you made an error that could have been avoided if you took the time to proof the page first.
  • Adjust your settings: The standard setting on a printer rental in Atlanta, GA is set to provide high-quality print results. You may be able to adjust the print quality without any noticeable difference and save on ink in the process.
  • Check print preview: There is a setting on your printer software that allows for a print preview of what the page will look like before you print. By simply reviewing this function, you’ll be able to save on printing blank pages or pages that are not laid out properly. This can save you a ton of toner by eliminating the printing of pages that you really don’t need.
  • Think before you print: Take a moment each time you print and decide if you really need to make a copy of the page. This can help save you on your printer rental in Atlanta, GA and reduce the amount of ink that you use on a weekly basis. There may be some pages that you can simply do without printing, but perhaps you have never given any thought to being more conservative with your printing habits.
  • Save as a digital document: It may be time to transfer your documents to a digital format. If you need a copy of the file, but don’t necessarily need a paper copy, you can start to save these documents electronically, saving on printing altogether.

These tips can help you save a bundle on your toner costs each month. This will help you get the most out of your printer rental in Atlanta, GA and ensure you keep your printing costs to a minimum. To rent, lease or buy a printer or copier, contact Click Copiers – Atlanta. We are a full-service copying and printing equipment provider that can help you find the right machine for your business.

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