The Numerous Benefits of Copier Rentals

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Given that we provide some of the fairest, most flexible copier rental terms in all of Atlanta, you can believe that we’re believers in the benefits renting a copier. We’re well aware of the reputation copier rental providers once had—but we hope we’ve helped change that. Our business has largely been built on the idea that copier rentals in Atlanta, GA, done fairly, can be superior to purchasing a copier up front. Let us tell you why.

Next-day on-site maintenance for the length of the lease

Usually, when you buy a copier, you’re on your own for maintenance as soon as you take the copier back to the office, or if you’re lucky, you’ll get a 12-month warranty that might entitle you to service or even to a new machine during that short window of time. You might be entitled to a new machine, but manufacturer’s warranties often take forever to fulfill. With copier rental programs such as ours, you get 36 to 60 months of on-site service. If you have a problem with your machine, we’ll be there within a day (usually within four hours), to perform maintenance on your machine. Leasing with us means you get a whole expert maintenance team along with your machine.

Cancel any time without owing the rest of the lease

We don’t have any patience for game playing. We’re not trying to stick you with a rental and then use that as leverage to get as much money out of you as we can. We just want to do our jobs and do them as well as possible. If you want out of your lease, simply cancel and return the machine, no questions asked.

Simple agreements with no hidden costs

Copier rentals in Atlanta, GA have gotten a lot more straightforward. Companies such as ours strive to provide contracts with no catches, no hidden fees and no tricks. Are terms are simple—pay your monthly lease fee, and we guarantee that you’ll always have a functioning copier—and we’ll stand behind that guarantee by providing maintenance.

Flexible lease options

With all of our lease options, you’ll own the copier, free and clear, at the end of the lease term. We offer three lease options—36, 48 and 60 months—to make it simple for businesses to have the copying equipment they need, regardless of their budgets. And as we mentioned, because you own the machine at the end of your lease, it isn’t like with other lease options where you are simply giving your money away. You’re actually buying your machine over time.

Learn more about copier rentals in Atlanta, GA

If your business is in need of a copier, the name to know is Click Copiers – Atlanta. We have the best leasing program in the area, and our all-inclusive, onsite service is worth its weight in gold. We believe that reliable copying and printing are essential to the operations of many businesses, which is why we endeavor to offer the most affordable leasing options, backed up by fast, expert service. If you’d like to have all the hassle and guesswork removed from your copier and printer setup, give Click Copiers – Atlanta a call today!

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