Seven Important Maintenance Tips for Your Copier Machine

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Your office copier is one of the most important tools in your office, but sometimes it can also be the most overlooked. Most people don’t think about their copier until it stops working. At Click Copiers – Atlanta, we get a lot of urgent calls for a copier repair in Atlanta, GA. Sadly, a lot of these repairs could be prevented if the copier machine was taken care of properly. While you can’t prevent all copier issues from happening, there are a few copier maintenance steps you can take that will help keep your copier working at its best:

  • Dust your machine regularly: Dust buildup on your copier machine is common. You should dust both the interior and exterior of your machine regularly. A lightly dampened dusting cloth works well; just be sure not to use too much water, and never spray any cleaners directly onto the copier itself. A small paintbrush works well for dusting the smaller parts inside the machine.
  • Clean the glass regularly: Just like the rest of your copier, the glass can get dirty and dusty, but you have to be careful when cleaning it. Use a non-abrasive cloth slightly dampened with glass cleaner to wipe down the glass surface. Be sure you don’t spray the glass cleaner directly onto the copier glass.
  • Protect your copier glass: You can help protect your copier glass from dirt and scratches by keeping the top closed when the machine is not in use. You should also remove any abrasive items, such as paper clips and staples, from pages you want to copy.
  • Keep the ink cartridge head clean: Whenever you change your ink cartridges, you should check to make sure the ink cartridge head is clean. Use a cotton swab dampened with water to gently wipe down the ink nozzles.
  • Use quality products: Poor quality paper can cause dust and debris to build up in your copier machine and even cause jams and other problems. While purchasing quality paper may cost a little more money up front, in the long run it will help save you money by reducing the amount of maintenance and repairs your copier machine requires.
  • Be careful when reloading your copier: It may seem that your copier is always running out of paper, and you may be tempted to overload it, but this can cause paper jams and other issues. Be sure to never fill your paper tray above the fill line.
  • Store your paper properly: Paper can easily become dusty and damp if not stored properly, and damp or dusty paper can damage your copier machine. To avoid issues, be sure you don’t open your paper packages until you are ready to use them, and store your paper refills off the floor in a dry space.

Proper maintenance can help you avoid the need for copier repair in Atlanta, GA. However, if you do find yourself in need of a repair, contact Click Copiers – Atlanta. We sell, rent and lease copier machines, and copier repair services are always included!

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