Four Tips to Help You Save on Printer Ink

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Imagine this scenario: You go to print off a proposal and, somewhere around the seventh page, your printer gives you a warning message that you are low on printer ink. You cringe. If there’s one thing that you hate, it’s having to go to the store and spend what seems like a ridiculous amount of money on ink yet again.

Purchases that we need to make regularly for our homes or businesses—things like toilet paper or hand soap—tend to be the purchases that annoy us the most, and also the ones we overlook the most. Not only do we tend to forget to purchase printer ink, but we also tend to overlook printer ink as an area where we could be saving money.

Even a small business spends hundreds of dollars on printer ink annually and, unfortunately, the cost of printer ink just keeps rising. At Click Copiers, your local spot for printer rentals in Atlanta, GA, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you save on printer ink.

Check twice, print once

You may have heard this before, but it’s really great advice. The average office employee prints about 10,000 pages per year, and a significant portion of those pages are printed in error or have mistakes and need to be reprinted. Checking a document twice, and even having a second pair of eyes check it, before you print it can help you save printer ink.

Use “draft” mode

Most printers have a draft mode, which is a setting that allows you to print a document in black and white and at low quality, just so you can review a physical copy before printing a good copy for a presentation. Of course, it’s still a good idea to check twice, even before printing in draft mode, but printing your first draft with this setting is another way to reduce the amount of printer ink your office uses.

Change the font

Choosing certain font styles and opting for a 10 pt font rather than a 12 pt font, for example, can also help reduce the amount of printer ink you use. Certain fonts are printed darker and larger and require more ink. Just this small change could save you a lot of money over the long term.

Print in black and white

A lot of employees often tend to still print in color, even when they really don’t have to. It’s one of those things where, if it’s not their ink and their money, they aren’t likely to be as careful about saving it. One idea to help with this is to make the default setting on your printer black and white. That way, if they need color pages, they will actually have to change the setting before printing.

Just a few slight changes can help you save big on printer ink. For more tips like these, or for printer sales and printer rentals in Atlanta, GA, be sure to visit us at Click Copiers!

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