The Benefits of Buying a Canon Copier

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Even though our world is becoming increasingly paperless, businesses still need at least one copier to handle daily operations. But which copier should you choose, and should you buy or rent your new copier? Continue reading to learn more about copier sales in Atlanta, GA from the experts at Click Copiers.

Why choose Canon?

Your options for buying a new copier are seemingly endless. There are dozens of brands on the market. However, if you’re thinking about buying a new copier, you’d be remiss if you didn’t take a look at Canon. Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Canon copiers over other brands:

  • Models for all budgets: Whether your budget is tiny or unlimited, whether you’ll need to use your copier every day or just once in a while, Canon has a product for you!
  • User-friendly: A copier doesn’t do you any good if nobody in the office knows how to work it. That’s not an issue with Canon—they’re known for having some of the most user-friendly models on the market. Canon’s products are easy to use, and they offer great customer service if you have issues.
  • Environmental responsibility: Being environmentally responsible isn’t every major company’s forte—or even something they care about. That’s not the case with Canon. Though they’re a major corporation, Canon shows their commitment to the environment by using sustainable materials to make all of their copiers. If you care about the environment, consider buying a Canon product.

Why buy instead of lease?

Our customers have a couple of options when it’s time to get a new copier: they can either buy one or lease one. Though both options result in you having a great new copier, buying one outright instead of leasing can be your best bet:

  • Less expensive over time: Buying a new copier instead of leasing one is obviously more costly upfront. But all of those monthly payments (and interest) add up, and you’ll end up paying more for a leased copier over time. Consider spending more now and save yourself a lot of money throughout the next few years.
  • No contracts: You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who likes reading through and signing messy contracts. Avoid that hassle by purchasing your new copier outright instead of leasing one!
  • Flexible maintenance: When your leased copier malfunctions, your contract probably says something about who you have to hire to fix it. The repairman your lessor chooses might not be the best at his job, or might be more expensive than another option. If you’re the owner of your copier, you can pick the repairman of your choice to fix any issues.

If you’re in need of a new copier, be sure to stop by Click Copiers and check out our vast selection of makes and models! Even if you don’t choose a Canon model, you’re sure to find a copier to suit your needs and your budget. The quality of our products, as well as our excellent customer service, makes us the number one option for copier sales in Atlanta, GA. We’re also pleased to offer no-hassle lease agreements if you’re in the market to lease your next copier—ask us for details!

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