Does Your Office Equipment Need Service or Repair?

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If only our office machinery could last forever. Eventually, though, there will come a time where your business needs new printers and copiers. Maybe you’re worried about the extra cost this will entail, or you feel like you just finally figured out how to use the machine and hate to part with it already. Whatever your reasons for hanging onto old, outdated equipment that’s slowing down or sputtering out, we have a solution: leasing equipment and benefiting from professional printer repair in Atlanta, GA.

Here are the top four signs it’s time to let go of your old copier or printer and bring in the new:

  • It’s not working the way it used to: Maybe you remember the days when equipment could last a lifetime, but that’s not realistic in today’s digital world. Technology is constantly improving, and as your business advances, your office equipment can struggle to keep up. If you’re finding that you’re spending more time fixing or waiting on your printer and copier than actually getting the documents you need on time, it’s time to replace it with something that can do the job more effectively.
  • You’ve outgrown each other: Like any relationship, the one between your business and your printer is sure to change. Are you still using the same printer/copier that you had when you opened the business? It’s probably not able to handle the capacity you’re operating at now.
  • The technology is outdated: Today, we can get printers, copiers and faxes combined in one machine, which means that if you’re operating with several devices instead of just one multifunctional machine, you might be wasting valuable time, energy, space and money. As technology advances, so too do your operations.
  • You’ve been repairing it a little bit too much lately: If your printer and copier have had you calling a technician (or wanting to take a bat to it, as in the movie Office Space) more than usual, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to let go. All machinery has a finite lifespan. The good news is that leasing your office equipment—especially when it comes with printer repair in Atlanta, GA—can take a lot of that stress off you. You should be worrying about your clients or customers, not whether you’ll be able to print off invoices.

With the new year coming, there’s no better time to upgrade your office equipment with affordable, reliable and up-to-date options.

Printer repair in Atlanta, GA

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