Four Things You Should Know About Copier Leases

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Just getting started in your business? You might be looking to reduce costs and overhead as much as possible during the early days. Many business owners find it prudent to lease office equipment, including copiers. Copier leases in Atlanta, GA can be a great way to ensure you don’t need to make a large initial investment, while also guaranteeing that labor and toner are part of the process.

When you get ready to lease a copier, here are four things you should look for in your lease agreement:

  • Automatic renewal: This can be a convenient option—your lease automatically renews at the end of the term unless you cancel ahead of time—but others find it to be a sneaky way to get locked into a contract for longer than they’d prefer. Check your lease to see if automatic renewal is at stake and decide whether you’d like to proceed with the lease.
  • Buyout options: Decide whether you’ll want to purchase the copier at the end of the lease term. Many copier leases provide a buyout option at a discounted rate once the term of the lease ends. If you’re not planning on buying it, however, this can just add extra costs onto your lease. (The company may be offering the buyout option as an “incentive” and charging you a higher rate in the meantime, so be on the lookout.)
  • Warranty: Knowing what kind of warranty you may or may not be operating under is another important consideration. You need to know whether parts and labor are covered while you’re operating the machine, or if you’ll have to outsource that.
  • Shipping, return and delivery costs: Finally, check the fine print to see how the copier is supposed to be returned at the end of the term. Some places require that you ship the copier back at your own expense, which can come as a costly surprise. There may be a pickup option, but check to see if you’ll pay out of pocket for that, too, whether as part of a higher lease cost or as a one-time fee at the end of the term.

Being aware of these potential problem areas can make your copier leasing experience a better one—and also help you find the company whose terms are right for you.

Copier leases in Atlanta, GA

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