Does Your Office Equipment Need Service or Repair?

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You can hardly do business without a copier and other high-quality office equipment. It’s a necessary expense, and when your copier or printer suffers downtime, every aspect of your business is affected. From client contracts to reorders to receipts, you need reliable printing equipment to keep the trains running on time.

Many business owners and office managers are reluctant to replace their old equipment, however, for a few reasons. First, it’s expensive. Second, it can be time-consuming to research replacements and make the changes when you’re already suffering regular downtime. Finally, learning how to operate a new machine can be daunting if you’re not already technologically inclined.

That doesn’t have to stop you from getting a copier or printer that works. If you need copier repair in Atlanta, GA, let the team at Click Copiers – Atlanta make your life easier. We lease office equipment on a month-to-month (or longer) basis, with service and repairs built right into the cost.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your old copier or printer? Here are some hints:

  • It’s been around since the dawn of time: Let’s face it—today’s technology isn’t meant to be kept around forever, and the longer you have had your printer or copier, the more likely it’s way outdated. Embrace change by leasing a high-quality, modern multi-functional copier, printer and fax machine.
  • You’ve had it since you opened your business: If you’ve had the same office equipment since you started out, it’s likely that you’ve outgrown your equipment’s capabilities. It’s smart to upgrade as your business expands so that you’ll always be able to keep up with demand.
  • It keeps requiring repairs: How often have you had to fix your office equipment lately? If you find yourself on the phone to the copier technician more than once in a blue moon, that’s too much. At a certain point, your machine will give up the ghost. Avoid downtime by replacing your copier or printer before it fails at the least convenient time possible.
  • It works at a snail’s pace: Finally, if your copier is old, it’s probably slow. We might be an impatient society, but the fact is that you can’t wait five minutes to copy a five-page document—that seriously slows down your entire office’s productivity. Instead of working around the problem and making time allowances, consider how much time and work hours you can save by investing in a modern, fast and efficient machine.

When you’re ready to replace your outdated equipment, call Click Copiers – Atlanta.

Copier repair in Atlanta, GA

Your business can’t afford copier downtime—it’s one of the most valuable pieces of office equipment. When you lease office equipment with Click Copiers – Atlanta, your copier repair in Atlanta, GA is built right into the contract cost. You’ll never have to suffer equipment downtime when you work with us, and you can change your lease agreement at any time. Find out why our customers love working with us when you call us today.

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