Do You Need a Color Printer?

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At some point, you’re going to need to replace your office copier and printer, which poses one important question: do you need a color printer in Atlanta, GA? Many companies mostly, if not exclusively use black-and-white printing, so going with a monochrome option may be appealing. Here’s how to decide whether you need a color printer or if you will be better off with a black-and-white machine.

Do you print photos?

Naturally, if printing photos or graphics is part of your business model, it would be short-sighted to go with a black-and-white printer. Some businesses find that they rarely print photos for professional purposes, and when they do, black ink is all they need to get the point across. However, if it’s important that you put out professional-looking communications and photos, opt for a color printer.

Do you print your own marketing materials?

If you outsource the printing of your marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, flyers and other promotional items, a color printer won’t be as much of a priority as if you need to do it yourself. Black-and-white brochures simply don’t have the same visual and attention-grabbing effect as quality color photos.

Are your documents graphics-heavy?

Law firms, accountants and other types of businesses with text-heavy documents can usually get away with only using black ink. For the rest of the business world, you’ll probably want a color printer. Regularly printing graphic- or photo-heavy documents requires color. Images simply aren’t as clear and easy to follow when you’re working with a monochrome palette.

Does your business need room to grow?

Maybe the answers to the above questions have been “I don’t know yet” or “we might in the future.” If so, you’re better off opting for a machine that can offer you room to grow. For example, perhaps your restaurant looks great with monochrome menus now, but you suspect you might want to include color photos as things progress, or you run promotions that require a lot of marketing material. Give yourself the option by leasing a color printer in Atlanta, GA.

Do you print your own letterhead?

Finally, when your business requires a lot of written communication, printing your own letterhead is one way to stand out—especially if it adds a touch of color to an otherwise standard document. Many companies print their own letterhead rather than having a print company do it, whether that’s to save money or simply because they appreciate being able to print on demand. Having a color printer will put professional-looking letterhead right at your fingertips, whenever you need it, and you can change the style any time you want.

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