What Should You Look for in a Printer Repair Service?

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Most offices aren’t equipped to deal with a lot of printer downtime. If you don’t have a dedicated repair technician in your building, you might find yourself at the mercy of a repair company’s schedule—or paying a massive premium to get the job done quickly.

When you need printer repair in Atlanta, GA done quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price, it’s best to already have a company in mind. Before you start calling around to find the best printer repair service in the area, here’s what you should look for.

What type of experience do they have?

Does your repair company focus on a specific type of printer? Are they only familiar with certain brands? Does their business also repair other types of electronics, or do they focus mainly on printers and copiers? Asking these questions will help you get a better idea of whether you’re working with a printer expert or someone who has been trained to fix printers along with a whole host of other devices. While broader experience is helpful, working with a dedicated printer repair service increases the chances that your repair person will be able to spot and fix the exact issues with your printer, no matter what type it is.

Do they offer warranties for their repairs?

What happens if they come out to repair the printer, but it stops working again the next day? Knowing whether your printer repair service offers warranties on their work (and for how long) will help you pick a company and have confidence in their abilities and service. It will also save you additional repair costs if the first repair doesn’t work out as expected.

How long can you expect to wait for service?

Finding out the expected response time for regular service calls as well as emergencies may be the deciding factor between two reputable companies, all other things being equal. You don’t want to have to wait a week for an emergency repair—that costs your office time and money.

Are they able to spot and advise on future issues?

A great printer repair technician will not only look at the issue you called about, but they’ll also give the rest of your device a once-over to spot any other potential problems. After all, repairing one problem isn’t as helpful if they fail to mention parts that will need to be replaced soon, or other problem spots.

How much does it cost?

Finally, how much will your printer repair visits cost, and how much can you expect to pay if it’s an emergency appointment? What’s included in the service appointment?

Doing your research now will ensure you’re prepared if (or when) your printer fails. When you’re looking for a great printer repair service in Atlanta, GA, call the team at Click Copiers. We lease printers and copiers on a monthly basis, and perform service and repair calls for your devices. Find out more by getting in touch with us today—we look forward to assisting you!

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