Does Your Office Printer Need Service or Repair?

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The modern office is heavily reliant on technology to run smoothly and efficiently. Machines these days are more complex than ever, and regular upkeep and maintenance is necessary to make sure they always get the job done. While services like printer repair in Atlanta, GA are best left to the professionals, it can be very helpful to monitor your own devices. That way you can spot minor problems ahead of time and know that your machine is due for service before it completely breaks down and leaves your operation in the lurch.

Printer always needs toner

While regular toner replacement is a chore every office worker is familiar with, there’s such a thing as a printer using too much of it. If you feel yours is burning through toner cartridges more quickly than usual, this is typically a sign that it’s being diverted to elsewhere in the machine. This could mean that it’s collecting somewhere inside and gunking up the internal works of the printer, which can lead to catastrophic damage that can also be extremely messy. It’s best to call for printer repair in Atlanta, GA if it seems like you’re replacing the toner more than you used to.

Errors in printing

Nothing is more aggravating then when an office printer isn’t operating the way you expect it to. Your print jobs or copies could be coming out with streaks, lines or missing areas, or they could just be blank sheets or sheets that are soaked completely through with black toner. This is usually a sign that something isn’t calibrated properly within the machine’s components, and it’s best to call for printer repair immediately even if the issue seems to be sporadic. These first hiccups in printing cohesiveness could lead to a more permanent problem that will be even costlier to fix.

Features have stopped working

While some offices use bare-bones machines that only offer a minimal range of options, many modern printers come with a lot of bells and whistles. The firmware and software of any printer need to be working in harmony at all times to ensure smooth operation. The unfortunate part of this is that any disruption to either end of this equation could mean the printer stops working altogether. Make sure you’re regularly checking for firmware updates if you start to have hiccups with your printer. These are regularly put out by manufacturers and are essential to the printer’s upkeep, so make sure you have a monthly reminder in your calendar to check for updates.

Printers can act up in a number of additional ways, including no longer scanning documents, long warm-up times or even the old “call for service” indicator flashing on the little LCD screen. If your machine is experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to call for printer repair in Atlanta, GA. The team at Click Copiers has seen and solved just about every printer issue you could imagine, so call us today and let us get your printer back up and running!

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