Nine Tips to Save on Ink When Printing

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When you print a lot at your home or business, ink costs can add up fast—and cartridges can be quite expensive. Most people will do just about anything to avoid having to purchase more ink before their budgets allow. Sometimes, this makes for low print quality. That’s not great when you’re trying to put out professional products.

Here are our best tips to save money and save on ink when printing in Atlanta, GA:

  • Buy ink in bulk: Often, if you buy more than two cartridges at a time, you can often find a “bulk” deal to save money. This will not only ensure that you have plenty of ink on hand if the printer runs out, but you’ll also get a better deal. You can also buy extra-large cartridges for some printer models—these may also work out to a lower cost per page.
  • Optimize your settings: Your printer’s default settings may not be the best when it comes to saving ink. You typically won’t need to use the highest quality settings for everyday print jobs—save that for brochures, flyers and other documents that need to look extra sharp.
  • Get single color cartridges: Many printers use tri-color ink cartridges for color printing. Unfortunately, it’s common for just one color to run out while there’s still plenty of other colors. To avoid this, buy cartridges where you can swap out only the empty color.
  • Print in grayscale: Did you know that you might be using your color ink to print black-and-white documents? Unless you specify otherwise, that is often the default setting for most printers. Set your documents to print in grayscale to avoid running out of colored ink.
  • Use an optimized font: Certain fonts are optimized to use less ink. Switch to using one of those to save ink over time.
  • Be judicious about what you print: Only print what you really need to. If a document has multiple unnecessary pages, set the print range to only the pages you need. Otherwise, if a print job isn’t absolutely necessary, skip it.
  • Keep your printer well maintained: Maintaining your printer is a smart way to make sure you save on ink. If you’ve noticed more printer jams and ink malfunctions than usual, it’s probably time to clean the printheads and perform other regular maintenance.
  • Know how many pages you can print with one cartridge: Keep track of how many pages you can print per cartridge, so you never run out of ink unexpectedly. Make sure to factor in color ink, grayscale documents and different settings.
  • Replace your printer when necessary: Finally, if your printer is going through ink like Cookie Monster goes through cookies, it might be time to upgrade your entire printer. Look for models designed to save on ink.

When it’s time to buy or lease a printer so you can save on ink when printing in Atlanta, GA, Click Copiers can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our products and programs.

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