Helpful Copier Features to Save You Time and Money

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Anyone who has ever waited on a copier to finish a time-sensitive job knows how frustrating it can be. Naturally, the better and more efficient your copier, the more productive your office will be. Plus, certain features will also save you money. Here are some of the most helpful copier features to save you time and money in Atlanta, GA:

  • Automatic document feeders: Most (if not all) copiers today have automatic document feeders. They’ll take pages one at a time, copy and distribute them on the other side of the machine, which saves you the trouble of standing there and switching out individual pieces of paper yourself.
  • Automatically collate, staple and punch holes: When you’re printing out large documents, multiple copies or both, it can take a long time to organize your paperwork, punch holes or staple it together. Most hole punches and staplers can only handle a few pages at a time, so you can spend hours putting together projects. Many modern copiers have settings available that will automatically collate, staple and punch holes for you, saving you hours of tedious work.
  • Budget copier use per employee or department: Does one of your departments consistently copy too much? Some copier models in Atlanta, GA have a feature that allows you to budget their use right from the machine itself. You can set up usage controls by department or individual users. Alternatively, you can simply monitor copier use to find out where it could be streamlined in the future.
  • Economical ink settings: Ink and toner are pricy, and those toner cartridges can add up quickly. Get a copier that allows you to adjust the toner settings. Less important projects can be printed on an economy setting, while high quality print settings can be reserved for your key documents. Modern copiers are so efficient, you might not even notice the quality difference.
  • Energy efficiency: When we think about energy efficiency, most of us think about major appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers and heaters. However, copiers—especially large, older models—can add a surprisingly large chunk to your utility bill. Choosing an energy efficient copier will help keep operating costs low. Look for a model that uses less energy and goes to sleep when not in use to save on electricity. Who couldn’t use a little more energy and cost savings?
  • Multifunctional devices: One of the best ways to save money—and time—is to get a multifunctional copier. Today’s copiers can print, scan, fax and copy documents, all in one machine. Not only does this save you money on multiple pieces of equipment, but you won’t need to physically move from device to device to get a job done.

These helpful copier features are guaranteed to save you time and money in Atlanta, GA—and Click Copiers has plenty of models to choose from. We offer a number of affordable leasing plans so you can get an ultra-efficient copier at a price that makes sense to you. Call us today to learn more.

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