How to Self-Service Your Copiers and Printers

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Ugh, it’s happening again—your office’s printer or copier is on the fritz. We all have our tried-and-true techniques for dealing with this, from smacking the stupid machine to just giving up. But copiers and printers are essential for business every day, so you can’t just hope the problem goes away on its own—you’re going to have to deal with it at some point.

That said, you could skip all the irritation by investing in convenient office equipment leasing through Click Copiers. This means you’re never responsible for repairs and can have our technicians fix your gear anytime.

But if you need to repair your printer or copier right now, check out these top tips for self-servicing your office equipment in Atlanta, GA.

Try simple solutions first

Before you get too frustrated with the busted copier or printer, go over a checklist of obvious things that could have gone wrong. Maybe you simply forgot to plug it in. It’s possible the loading tray needs paper, or that the paper is misaligned just a bit. Check for a paper jam as well. If it isn’t any of these, try rebooting the whole system.

Look through the manual

Every copier or printer comes with a digital and/or print manual. In cases where you’re really stumped, these manuals are great resources for information. They may include more information on the error message you’re receiving and provide suggestions on how to resolve them.

Check the wireless connection

Today’s printers are hooked into a wi-fi network. This means they need a strong signal to operate properly. If the printer is in a location with a weak signal—or if there’s a problem with your office’s internet connection—they’re not going to work.

Run a test

In some cases, the problem may be with the type of document you’re trying to print or copy. Perhaps it’s an unusual paper size, or it involves a lot of graphics. If this is the case, run a test with a simple Microsoft Word document. This will help you isolate the problem.

Check out the digital display

The error messages on printers and copiers sometimes aren’t the clearest. Nevertheless, going through the series of error messages displayed on the equipment can sometimes help. Go through step by step to find out exactly what the nature of the problem is.

We hope these top tips for copier and printer self-service in Atlanta, GA are helpful. When you need copier or printer repairs, trust the pros at Click Copiers. We can also help you if you’ve had enough of dealing with office equipment maintenance on your own. Click Copiers is here to provide simple and hassle-free leases for office copiers and printers.

Our number one goal is to take the frustration out of finding commercial equipment, so we offer an alternative to purchasing expensive systems: month-to-month leasing plans for copy machines, laser printers and more that can be changed or canceled at any time. Repair services are always included. Call us now to learn more about our convenient, customer-friendly services!

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