Tips for Maintaining Your Printer

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Your printer is probably one of your office’s biggest workhorses. When your printer fails, you can lose hours of valuable work time while waiting for repairs or a replacement. That can cut into your bottom line significantly. Maintaining your printer is the best way to minimize downtime and keep it running perfectly. Although all electronic machines will eventually need some sort of repair, following these tips to maintain your printer in Atlanta, GA should help keep those occasions to a minimum:

  • Use it or lose it: Like cars, printers need to be operated frequently or they’ll start to malfunction. Ink can dry up in the cartridges and the device may start to have issues with setup, settings and computer-to-printer communication. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you print something—anything—at least once per week. Even printing out a newspaper article can help keep your printer running well.
  • Be careful fixing minor issues: Ugh, another paper jam? This type of repair can be done on your own—no need to call a printer technician—but be careful when you do it. Shut the power off before you open up the printer. This will prevent electric shocks, but it will also prevent further damage from your fix. Remove the paper gently, taking care not to damage printer components during the repair. If it looks a little more complicated than you bargained for, call a technician. Try to keep your printer away from busy areas to prevent it from getting knocked around, and keep it away from heat sources whenever possible.
  • Get the right kind of ink cartridges: It’s tempting to get cheaper ink cartridges to save money—after all, ink is often the most expensive part of your printer. However, this can negatively affect the machinery. It’s always better to get the right name-brand ink cartridges. They’re specially designed for your printer and are far less likely to cause issues. Plus, they’ll produce better quality printing.
  • Regularly clean your printer: Do you clean your printer on a regular schedule? You should. Keeping your printer free of dust and debris better ensures it will operate smoothly for years to come. Damp cotton swabs and compressed air are great for getting dust and grime out of your printer’s internal components. Be careful not to damage the parts when cleaning—use gentle pressure and avoid excessive moisture.
  • Update your drivers frequently: Finally, make sure your drivers are updated—outdated drivers can cause problems with your printer. This is easily resolved, however. Simply check for updates and install them whenever they’re available. This will keep your printer running perfectly for years to come.

As you can see, maintaining your printer isn’t particularly difficult or time-consuming. All it requires is a consistent commitment. Schedule your printer maintenance monthly for best results. If you have issues with a Click Copiers printer, our friendly technicians will be on call to help.

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