Save Time and Money with These Fantastic Copy Machine Features

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In today’s digital world, where cutting-edge technologies are developed every day to increase efficiency in our business practices, it’s easy to overlook our tried-and-true office equipment. While copier sales may not seem to hold the allure of purchasing a revolutionary new device, copy machines are essential to the daily operations of many businesses—and they play a significant role in streamlining workflow and saving money.

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider the long-term impact of investing in copier sales today. When you’re ready to upgrade, look for these features in your new machine:

  • Secure print release: Creating a secure printing environment is essential in the workplace. Secure print release ensures documents aren’t printed until the user who initiated the order arrives at the machine and confirms their identity.
  • Collating and stapling: If you routinely print multi-page documents to share information with your staff, customers or stakeholders, having a copier that can print pages in the correct order and staple them together can save your team members time.
  • Document finishing: Effortlessly enhance your documents by taking advantage of a copy machine’s finishing features. Depending on the machine you select, this could include punching holes, laminating pages or adding your company’s watermark to documents.
  • Automatic toner ordering: Routine tasks like ordering toner often get pushed down the to-do list until an urgent problem arises. This can greatly disrupt your work. Automatic toner ordering keeps you well stocked and your business running smoothly.
  • Optical character recognition: OCR enables your device to scan printed documents and convert them to digital text, allowing you to effortlessly turn a physical copy into searchable digital content. Upload it directly to your internal drive or cloud storage for easy access.
  • Post-copy editing: If you need to change your document after it’s printed, adding dates, watermarks or whatever else may have been left off, this feature is essential. Just scan it, add the missing components and reprint!
  • Scan to email and scan to file: This feature allows you to scan a document, save it as a .pdf or .docx, then save it to the appropriate file or send it as an email to your team. Reducing the tedious steps in your daily processes means you’re saving time!
  • Selective printing: Cut costs on paper and toner by only printing the portions of a document you need—remove images or omit restricted or unnecessary content based on your intended audience.
  • Mobile printing: Gone are the days of emailing yourself a document, then logging into your computer to print it. This feature allows you to skip the double work and print directly from your smartphone—just connect your devices through wi-fi!
  • Automatic duplexing: Save paper by automatically printing on both sides of the page. Forgetting to tick the “Print on Both Sides” box can be an expensive oversight—unburden your staff and make it your machine’s default.

Ready to find your perfect copy machine? Click Copiers offers a wide range of copy machine models to accommodate any office setting. If you’re not ready to commit to copier sales, we also offer rental and leasing options. Visit us online or call today for a free needs assessment and quote!

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