Networking Services

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We can custom tailor IT services to fit every need so you can stay focused on your business

Cloud Web Based Services

Almost No Start-up Cost: Monthly subscription eliminates need to make a capital investment.
Hosted Solution: Reduces infrastructure and increases security and reliability.
Anywhere Remote Access: get your data on-demand anywhere with an Internet connection.
Instantly scalable: Our cloud services can support as many people as required and virtually any software application.

HaaS “Hardware-as-a-Service” Equipment Solutions

Dramatically Reduced Start-up Costs: With a monthly service plan you don’t need to purchase anything.
Tax Benefits: Payments are treated as an operating expense for accounting and tax purposes*
Automatic technology refresh schedule: you get new equipment every 3 years on the plan.
Enhanced support is included for all items in the plan.

Managed IT Support Services

Our Managed IT Suppoer Service provides unrestricted support including on-site and remote workstation/server support, proactive monitoring services, server and network security services, maintenance and administration services. We manage your IT network all day, every day, assuring quick identification and prompt correction of problems before they can impact you.

Storage Solutions

AltuGuard recovery solutions feature near real-time backups and include seamless off-site data storage and multi-year archiving capabilities – to get you back online fast. Advanced options like file and folder level restorations, exchange message/mailbox recovery and restorations to dissimilar hardware will get you back from any type of catastrophy.

Spam, Archiving, and Message Continuity Services

Our Spam Shield will filter out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your network. Email spooling will place your email on a remote server to ensure that if your internal server goes offline, all your email will still be delivered when it is back online, with no missing email. Virus remediation and system updates will eliminate down time due to company-wide virus infections.