July 19, 2016

"After being surprised by so much junk in our copier lease terms we were looking for an alternative. Frankly, this sounded too good to be true. We figured we try it out what was the worst that could happen? We could always cancel. That was 18 months ago and we have never been happier. It's not that we never needed service, it was just handled so much more professionally that anything we've dealth with in the past. It was obvious we were important. There really is a difference when a company has to earn your business vs. one that you are locked into and can't leave because you signed a lease."
May 22, 2016

"We were pleasantly surprised to find a company that offered us the services we needed without feeling the need to make us commit for the next 3 years. Just knowing that if things change for us, we can change our copier is a huge comfort for us."
January 27, 2016

"Wow! We love not being locked into a lease. It's been nice dealing with the same company and only writing one (smaller) check at the end of the month. Keep it up guys."