How Refurbished Printers Can Help Your Business

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Buying a refurbished printer is like buying a certified pre-owned car: the machine is new to you, and you can trust you’ve made a quality investment. With a refurbished printer, you’re able to print, scan and copy as you would on a new model, but at a discount. Smart business owners know that buying refurbished Kyocera printers in Atlanta, GA is a green decision—in more ways than one.

You get a newer model at a discount

The best part about buying a refurbished printer is the discount. You can buy newer printer models—sometimes the most recent model—at a lower price. Saving money on expensive office assets like printers is important to growing your bottom line. With refurbished printers, you’re able to get the same printer you’ve had your eye on at a lower rate.

You’re going green

Buying refurbished Kyocera printers in Atlanta, GA helps you save green while going green. Refurbishing prevents printer parts from sitting in a landfill. Parts from electronics are especially harmful to the environment when not disposed of properly. Supporting companies that refurbish printers encourages them to continue this environmentally friendly practice.

Your new equipment is in great shape

Just because an item is refurbished doesn’t mean it’s in poor condition. Technicians thoroughly cleaned, repaired and inspected your printer before sending it to you. The machine does everything a new machine can do, and no one would be able to tell it was refurbished unless you told them. Because some buyers are still wary of refurbished products, you can get a warranty that protects your investment should something go wrong.

You improve your print game

If you’re in the market for a refurbished printer, that means your old one isn’t working for you—or you don’t have one at all. Your new-to-you printer will have plenty of bells and whistles for you to get excited about.

Most importantly, a refurbished printer will help you do your work more efficiently. Employees won’t be fighting over a substandard printer with limited capacity. Instead, they can fire off prints, scans and copies quickly and then get back to work. A newer printer means you’ll improve print efficiency and quality.

Tips for buying a refurbished printer

When you’re ready to buy a refurbished printer, here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re shopping:

  • Check the counter: Like a car’s odometer, printers have a counter tracking how many pages they’ve printed. You can check the number against the printer’s life expectancy to gauge how much life is left in the machine.
  • Visually inspect the machine: Your machine should be clean, but a visual inspection for leftover dust and toner doesn’t hurt.
  • Only buy certified: Only certified refurbished printers will give you the peace of mind you need to feel good about your investment.
  • Consider the warranty: Whether you’re buying a new or refurbished printer, it’s always smart to take advantage of any available warranties to protect your investment.

Buying a refurbished Kyocera printer in Atlanta, GA is a smart way to get the best product for your business while saving you money. Check out the selection at Click Copiers – Atlanta today!

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