Signs Your Copier Isn’t Doing a Good Job

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Anyone who has experience in the business world knows that sometimes you’re going to need commercial printer repair. In some cases, the signs are obvious, like frequent paper jams or an error message on the display. Other times, problems seem to pop up out of nowhere. Let’s take a look at the leading signs that you need to invest in repairing your copier.

Poor performance

You might notice some minor or inconsistent issues with your printer, but decide you may as well just live with them. However, leaving these minor problems unaddressed could mean they develop into major issues. These include problems like printing blank pages, seeing lines and streaks on pages even after you’ve replaced the toner and problems with scanning. Don’t wait for these to become worse—bring in the pros to get your copier running like it should.

Service light

Think of this one like the check engine light on your car: you might not know exactly what the problem is, but it needs to be checked out soon. The call for service indicator on your copier is the same. Before you call a technician, find the printer’s asset ID and model number, as these will be needed so they know which device you have.

You may be able to have a technician solve this problem remotely, which will cut down on the time your printer is out of service. It’s also possible that the technician may be able to at least diagnose the problem ahead of time so they show up with the right tools and parts to get the job done.

Printer features aren’t working

Almost every commercial printer does more than spit out pages. They may also scan, fax, copy, collate and much more. If some features of the copier aren’t working—such as being unable to connect to the wireless network—it’s time to bring in the pros. It could be that the printer needs a software or firmware update, or the problem may be related to a deeper issue that needs some special attention.

Keeping a regular preventative maintenance schedule

You shouldn’t just call your technician when something goes wrong. Commercial printers need regular service to operate properly. Consult your printer’s manual to find out exactly when certain tasks need to be taken care of. The authorized dealer for your printer should be able to send out a technician who’s been trained to perform maintenance. You may also be able to receive replacement parts at a discounted rate as part of your service agreement.

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